Growing Crystals is MMORPG browser game. Generally Growing Crystals is a Sci-Fi game about strategy, gathering, crafting, fighting between players, clans, CPU armies, but not all of it have done yet. You can play from any devices with html5 valid browser. It's very simple to start and it doesn't take all your time: it's pretty easy to build your first "village", if we can say "village" on hi-tech safe, crystals colletors and walls. Now it's perfectly free and if sometimes we try to do it for money, we inquire you how - by Merch or by ingame purchases.

If you have some questions please visit F.A.Q. or discuss it.

Official developers blog (russian)

Or you may join crystal army now:


Game process

OK, now you a registered member. Go to page PLAY.

You will appear on game in empty field, you can walk around using keys QSWA on the keyboard, or clicking on the direction you want to move in the game window. Also you can open your inventory (M key) with blue crystals (BC) and maybe with 1 single red crystal. The very first thing you should know: blue crystals are a main game requires, you need it for travel, for building, for protecting yourself. Every 2 seconds you receive one BC into your inventory by special built-in device. 1 BC in 2 Sec it's not enough, believe us. Your first game aim is to organize good BC incoming by building BC collectors. For this you must have a blue construction box, which you can craft from 100 BC, just clicking on it in inventory. It's pretty enough you to know, all other information you can receive in game.

P.S. I like candies merchant and cookie clicker, but it's really another game.