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Examine to obtain information in F.A.Q. first. Ask form coming soon. If you have important question you may ask it in discussion. Thank you.


- How to register in the game and start to play?
- Simply go to the registration, and fill following fields.

- What keys to control?
- W move north, S move east, A move south, Q move west. M inventory. You can use a mouse or touch screen. Move in to object to open object menu.

- What I must to do after start?
- You can do anything, but the better strategy is to build BC Collectors which make you undependent on BC incoming.

- What is the main goal of the game?
- There are many purposes. You can become a powerful landowner and get to the ranking of the best players. You can build your own city. And, for sure, you can become the leader of the resistance. You choose...